What are the benefits of proton therapy?

The main benefit of proton therapy with respect to the current photon therapy is that healthy tissue behind the tumour can be spared as much as possible, reducing the global radiation load in case of treatment with protons.

Proton therapy is beneficial if it meets one of the following conditions:

Lower dose in healthy tissue

The radiation dose in healthy tissue is decreased, while the dose in the tumour remains constant. This can result in fewer (late) side effects and a lower risk of developing a new cancer (a secondary tumour) several years later as a result of the radiation.

Higher dose in the tumour

With proton therapy, the dose in the tumour area can be increased, without equally increasing the dose in the surrounding tissue. This is especially useful for tumours that have a better chance of being cured by administering a higher radiation dose, but for which classic radiotherapy is impossible because the risk for serious side effects (such as blindness) is too big.

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Last edit: 16 April 2021