Physician-specialists in radiotherapy-oncology

These doctors are in charge of proton therapy treatments and patient follow-up during and after treatment, for example regarding the effect of therapy and possible side effects.

Medical radiation physicists

The medical radiation physicists and their assistants are responsible for preparing the treatment plan and its peer review. They check the quality and physical effect of the treatment plan as well as the quality of the proton therapy device itself on a daily basis. During the CT-simulation and the proton therapy treatment, they have an assisting role. Medical radiation physicists continuously research new techniques to implement them.


Nurses and medical imaging technologists

The nurses and medical imaging technologists are responsible for making the radiation mask and other immobilisation material. They are the ones who perform the CT-simulation as well as the positioning, imaging and radiation during sessions. In addition, they are responsible for wound care.

Administrative and support staff

This team provides day-to-day administrative and organisational support. Some of them are also in charge of quality and data management and IT support.

Research team

An interuniversity and multidisciplinary research team working within the field of proton therapy and associated with PARTICLE.

Other staff members

PARTICLE is eminently multidisciplinary and works closely with many other departments in the hospital:

  • social work
  • paediatric
  • oncology
  • anaesthesiology
  • radiology
  • radioprotection
  • technical services
  • ...
Last edit: 23 April 2024