'Lichtpuntjes tegen kanker' in UZ Leuven

22 February 2023

In the 'Lichtpuntjes tegen Kanker' series, Siska Schoeters' mobile studio also made a stop at UZ Leuven on 21 February 2023. The episode was shot at the Gasthuisberg czmpus. The programme is part of the annual  'Lichtpuntjes tegen Kanker' campaign (Rays of light against cancer) from Kom op tegen Kanker, supported by Eén. 

Jordi and Britt talk about their story

Jordi (17) and Britt (15) have just received treatment in the proton therapy centre PARTICLE. Both youngsters have been affected by a tumour deep in their brain, making surgery much too risky. Britt alread had chemotherapy, but that didn't work. Which is why proton therapy was chosen for both youngsters, because this causes less damage to healthy tissue around the tumour.  

Despite everything, Jordi and Britt try to attend school as much as possible, which is very important to them. And they're ambitious: Jordi wants to study civil engineering next year, Britt is studying language and communication. In fact, she would rather be in interviewer Siska Schoeters' chair, she admits. 

A behind-the-scenes look at PARTICLE

The start of the report takes you behind the scenes of the proton therapy centre, the only one in Belgium. Radiotherapist-oncologist dr. Karen Van Beek and paediatric neurologist prof. dr. Sandra Jacobs explain proton therapy treatment, talk about the benefits and which patients are eligible for this type of treatment. 

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Proton therapy centre PARTICLE

What is proton therapy? How does it work, what are the benefits and who is eligble? What do you need to know as a patient or a referrer? Who works at PARTICLE? 

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Last edit: 24 February 2023