Donations to UZ Leuven: all options listed

6 July 2023

Every day our more than 10,000 employees provide the best possible customised care for every patient. Together we are pushing the boundaries of healthcare, and your support is crucial.

Are you considering a donation to UZ Leuven, but you're not quite sure where to start? All information about donations to the hospital have now been listed on the brand new website Discover how you can support UZ Leuven and through which channels you can make a donation.

UZ Leuven Charity

A new pillar of UZ Leuven fundraising has recently been created: UZ Leuven Charity. By donating to UZ Leuven Charity you, the donor, will leave the choice in which to invest to the hospital itself. The support can go towards clinical research, but also towards expensive and non-reimbursable medication, implants or therapies for vulnerable patients. In addition, donations are also used to improve the framework of care (such as transport to the hospital and accommodation for relatives).

You can also support an existing foundation (see

Do you and your company want to contribute to warm care initiatives or research within UZ Leuven? Our donations advisor will guide you through the offer and present you with opportunities to work with UZ Leuven to break ground for our patients. You can find all information here:

Last edit: 13 July 2023