Paying for your consultation

You do not need to pay for your consultation or examination at the hospital: your invoice will be sent to you two months after your appointment. Read more about payments and supplementary fees.


  • You do not have to pay directly after your consultation or examination.
  • After 2 months you will received the invoice at home or on the invoicing address.
  • You pay the hospital the full amount.
  • Return the certificate for care provided (green coupon) to the health insurance fund.
  • The health insurance fund will refund the costs (in part).

Supplemental fees

Depending on the convention status of your physician, the hospital may charge supplemental fees. Ask about it when you make an appointment.

Convention status Supplemental fee possible?
Follows the convention entirely No
Follows the convention partially Yes, at specific times*
Does not follow the convention Yes, always

You can find the time slots in which physicians that follow the convention partially can charge supplemental fees on the RIZIV website.

To the RIZIV website

Occupational accident

In case of an occupational accident, the hospital will send an invoice for the full amount to the insurance company of your employer.

Make sure you give us the following information:

  • Name and address employer
  • Name and address insurance company of the employer
  • Policy number
  • Date occupational accident

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Last edit: 9 May 2023