Paying for your consultation

You do not need to pay for your consultation or examination at the hospital: your invoice will be sent to you two months after your appointment. Read more about payments and supplementary fees.


  • After your consultation or examination, you do not have to pay immediately. You do not have to pay an advance.
  • Two months later, you will receive the invoice for the co-payment at home or at the billing address provided.
  • You pay the full invoice to the hospital. Maximum reimbursement by the health insurance fund has already been arranged with your health insurance fund.

Are you unable to present a valid identity document when registering? In that case, from 1 April, you will receive the full hospital bill yourself and must contact your health insurance fund for reimbursement.

This is a legal regulation that also applies to children under 12.

What to bring for your consultation

Fee supplements

Depending on your doctor's convention status, the hospital may charge fee supplements. Ask about this when making an appointment.

Convention status Honorary salary supplement possible?
Fully conventioned No
Partly conventioned Yes, in certain time blocks *
Non-conventioned Yes, always

You can find the time blocks in which partially contracted doctors may charge fee supplements on the website of the NIHDI (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance, RIZIV/INAMI).

To the website of the NIHDI

Work accident

In case of an accident at work, the hospital invoices your employer's insurance institution for the full amount.

Please provide us with the following details for this purpose:

  • Name and address of employer
  • Name and address of employer's insurance company
  • Policy number
  • Date of work accident

Questions and contact

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Last edit: 22 February 2024