Payment terms and conditions

Each invoice (available on must be paid within thirty days of dispatch. If the invoice is disputed, please submit your complaint in writing within ten days after receipt to ’Medische Administratie, Herestraat 49 at 3000 Leuven -’.

In the absence of prompt payment, the hospital sends a first reminder free of charge.

In case of non-payment within twenty days of dispatch of this reminder, the file (including your contact details such as email, telephone or mobile etc.) will be transferred to a bailiff for further collection.

In such case the principal amount still to be recovered shall be increased by the legal reference interest rate plus 8 percentage points as referred to in Article 5 of the Act of 2 August 2002 on combating late payment in commercial transactions from the twentieth day after sending the first free reminder. Furthermore a fixed compensation shall be charged on the owed balance as follows:

  • if the balance due is less or to the amount of EUR 150.00: EUR 20.00;
  • if the balance due is between EUR 150.01 and EUR 500.00: EUR 30.00 increased with 10% of the amount due on the part between EUR 150.01 and EUR 500.00;
  • if the balance due is greater than EUR 500.00: EUR 65.00 increased with 5% of the amount due on the part above EUR 500.00 with a maximum of EUR 2,000.00.

In the event that UZ Leuven does not respect a contractual obligation, UZ Leuven must be held in breach of contract. This notice of default must be sent within thirty days after acknowledgement of the shortcoming via letter or email. If the shortcoming is not rectified within a period of sixty days, the patient is entitled to fixed damages. If the damage is assessable in money, it amounts to 10% of the amount assessable in money with a minimum of EUR 25.00 and a maximum of EUR 75.00. If the damage is not assessable in money, it amounts to fixed damages of EUR 25.00. In case of legal proceedings only the courts of Leuven have jurisdiction.

Last edit: 22 February 2024