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Geen lopende studies

Gastro-intestinale tumoren

  • PROTECT: PROton versus photon Therapy for Esophageal Cancer – a Trimodality strategy 
    Contact: Prof. dr. K. Haustermans


  • NARCiS: Neurocognition after radiotherapy in adult brain and base of skull tumours
    Contact: Prof.dr. M. Lambrecht

Hoofd- en halstumoren

  • SEMIRAHN: A prospective randomized phase 2 study of dose and volume de-escalation in prophylactic nodal irradiation of contralateral neck by sentinel lymph nodes mapping in unilaterally node positive head and neck squamous cell carcinomas.
    Contact: Prof.dr.J.-F. Daisne
  • EORTC-1420-HNCG-ROG: Phase III study assessing the “best of” radiotherapy compared to the “best of” surgery (trans-oral surgery (TOS)) in patients with T1-T2, N0 oropharyngeal carcinoma.
    Contact: Prof.dr.S. Nuyts
  • NANORAY-312: A Phase 3 (Pivotal Stage) Study of NBTXR3 Activated by Investigator’s Choice of Radiotherapy Alone or Radiotherapy in Combination with Cetuximab for Platinum-based Chemotherapy-ineligible Elderly Patients with Locally Advanced Head & Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
    Contact: Prof.dr.S. Nuyts
  • EffEx-HN: Effect of Exercise in Head and Neck Cancer Patients.
    Contact: Prof.dr.S. Nuyts


  • LAT-FLOSI: Local ablative therapy for oligoprogressive non-small-cell lung cancer treated with first-line osimertinib.
    Contact: Dr. P. Berkovic

Niet-ziekte specifieke studies

  • LAT-MUM: Local ablative therapy for patients with multiple (4-10) brain metastases.
    Contact: Dr. P. Berkovic
  • HyperArc Registry Study
    Contact: Prof.dr.J.-F. Daisne


  • PART: Elective para-aortic radiotherapy (PART) for pN1 prostate cancer: a phase 2 trial using Arc therapy (IMAT / VMAT).
    Contact: Prof.dr. G. De Meerleer
  • LOBSTER: A multicentre, randomized, prospective phase II study to assess the effect of short- versus long-term adjuvant ADT with high dose salvage radiotherapy on distant metastasis free survival in patients with biochemical relapse after radical prostatectomy.
    Contact: Prof.dr. G. De Meerleer
  • OBELIX: Observational study on extreme hypofractionation for localized prostate cancer.
    Contact: Prof.dr. G. De Meerleer
  • SPARKLE: Metastasis-directed therapy for oligocurrent prostate cancer: a randomized phase III trial.
    Contact: Prof.dr. G. De Meerleer
  • MEDCARE: Metastasis-directed therapy in oligoprogressive castration-refractory prostate cancer: a randomized phase 3 trial
    Contact: Prof.dr. G. De Meerleer
  • HYPOFLAME 3.0: Standard moderately hypofractionated radiotherapy vs. ultra-hypofractionated focal lesion ablative microboost in prostate cancer
    Contact: Prof.dr. K. Haustermans
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