Walk-in centre Leuven offers a warm meeting place for people with cancer and their relatives

1 December 2022
If cancer crosses your or that of a loved one's path, you probably have a lot of emotions, questions and needs. In the walk-in centre people will lend you an ear. Whoever you are, whichever path you've taken, the door is always open. You're also welcome for additional informationd and support.

The walk-in centre is located in the heart of Leuven,  Leopold I-straat 33, between Bondgenotenlaan and the Ladeuzeplein.

A warm meeting place for people with cancer and their relatives. An active support centre where you can share your questions and worries.

A walk-in centre provides people confronted with cancer a visible, safe and accessible place amidst your own city or area. Visitors are welcome without appointment or referral letter. They experience security and connection there and can share experiences or concerns with peers or supporting staff.

UZ Leuven and the Leuven Cancer Institute are pleased with this initiative. We'd like to invite people confronted with cancer to have a look at the walk-in centre's website.

The house

The walk-in centre is located in the heart of the city, in quiet Koning Leopold I-straat number 33, between Ladeuzeplein and Bondgenotenlaan.

Visitors are welcome on the spacious ground floor of the house. A thorough refurbishment provided the walk-in centre with an inviting, stylish and warm setting.

The centre is easily accessible and physically challenged visitors can count on a lending hand (where necessary).

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Women with breast cancer can interrupt their hormone treatment to get pregnant

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New genetic anomaly and therapeutic target discovered in rare lymphoma

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