Roadworks on the Gasthuisberg campus: local one-way traffic

10 January 2023
For cars and buses there is one-way traffic between the Het Teken roundabout and Berg Taborweg from Monday 16 May to the construction leave in July. All destinations on campus remain accessible.

Gasthuisberg Campus

Local one-way traffic from Monday 16 May onwards

Vanaf maandag 16 mei 2022 tot aan het bouwverlof in juli geldt er op de ring van campus Gasthuisberg plaatselijk eenrichtingsverkeer voor het gemotoriseerd verkeer. All destinations on the campus, including the emergency room, remain accessible.  

Locally there is one-way traffic for motorised transport. 

Between the Het Teken roundabout and Berg Taborweg there is temporarily one-way traffic for motorised transport. For cyclists and pedestrians two-way traffic remains possible. 

For traffic coming from the E314 exit Gasthuisberg (nr. 16) there is a diversion to reach the emergency room, access East and parking East. Follow the signs of the diversion from the roundabout via the northern ring. 

From exit 16 you follow the diversion to reach parking and access East. 

Dropping off and picking up patients at access East (toegang Oost) (K+R)

It is still possible to drop off and pick up patients at access East (toegang Oost) (K+R right before the entrance). Then follow the diversion to leave or to go back to park your car at parking East (Oost). Follow the signs.

From the kiss-and-ride area (K+R) right in front of the entrance, you can follow the diversion to leave or you can go back to park you car at parking East (Oost).

Bus traffic: limited impact

The roadworks will have limited impact on the bus traffic. 

  • Buses coming from Leuven will continue to stop at the bus stop Gasthuisberg Kliniek (at access East (Oost)). The route the buses have to take from the Gasthuisberg campus to Leuven station will become somewhat longer because of the diversion. They also stop at the Gasthuisberg Campus bus stop. Make sure you take the extra travel time into account. 
  • Bus lines coming from Tervuren-Kraainem, Overijse-Hoeilaart en Brussel-Noord (410, 395, 595, 317) will no longer stop at the Gasthuisberg Kliniek bus stop at the entrance hall, but do stop at the Campus stop.
  • Bus lines going towards Tervuren-Kraainem, Overijse-Hoeilaart and Brussel-Noord (410, 395, 595, 317) continue to stop at the Gasthuisberg Kliniek bus stop and continue their usual route via Berg Taborweg. 

A newsletter will be sent every time there is important news about the accessibility of the Gasthuisberg campus. 

The roadworks are a part of the redesigning of the southern ringroad, i.e. the side of the campus ring that gives access to access East (toegang Oost), the bus station and the emergency room. .

One-way traffic Tervuursesteenweg between Tervuursepoort and crossroads Berg Taborweg - Celestijnenlaan

Until the summer of 2022 there is one-way traffic on Tervuursesteenweg between Tervuursepoort and the crossroads Berg Taborweg - Celestijnenlaan. Out of town there are diversions for cars, speedpedelecs and motor bikes. Cyclists can continue to go in both directions. 

More info on the website of the city of Leuven.

Map Gasthuisberg campus
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Pellenberg campus

There are no diversions at this time.

Sint-Rafaël campus

There are no roadworks in the area of the Sint-Rafaël campus. The campus is accessible as normal.

Last edit: 10 January 2023