Reimbursement remote consultations

16 September 2022
Since 1 August 2022 INAMI (RIZIV) uses a new framework for the reimbursement of remote consultations. Patients only need to pay a personal contribution ('rem') for consultations via telephone or video.
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Since the corona pandemic, ‘tele consultations’ have made it possible to stay in touch remotely with the attending physician, both via phone or via video. Since 1 August 2022, there is a new structural framework for these remote consultations, where patients only have to pay a personal contribution. 

Just as with physical consultation, the patient pays part of the amount for a remote consultation: a personal contribution (remgeld).

  • Patients with normal healthcare insurance, pay a personal contribution of 2 euro for a phone consultation and 4 euro for a video consultation. 
  • Patients with an increased concession pay a personal contribution of 1 euro.

Reimbursement of the remote consultation is only possible if the following criteria have been met: 

  • The consultation takes place at a doctor the patient has seen before or a specialist the patient has been referred to. 
  • A remote consultation is only possible at the request of the patient and after agreement of the doctor. 
  • During the consultation, the doctor has to have access to the patient record. 

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Last edit: 30 September 2022