Telephone or video consultation

In some cases, a standard consultation may be replaced by a video or telephone consultation. The consultation will then take place over the phone (telephone consultation), or via computer or smartphone (video consultation). How do you prepare?

Telephone consultation

During a telephone consultation, the doctor will call you at a pre-arranged time. You do not need any special software for this.

Ensure you are in a quiet environment for the call so that you can listen and ask questions without any disturbances.

Video consultation

A video consultation is a remote consultation with your healthcare provider. The consultation takes place via your computer or smartphone and through mynexuzhealth. There is no need for you to travel to the hospital.

When the doctor decides that your consultation can be replaced by a video consultation, you will be informed.


Just like for in-person consultations, you will pay a portion of the cost yourself (the co-payment) for a remote consultation:

  • 2 euros for a telephone consultation
  • 4 euros for a video consultation
  • 1 euro if you are entitled to increased reimbursement

Reimbursement for a remote consultation is only possible under the following conditions:

  • The consultation is with a health care provider whom you have visited before or with a specialist to whom you have been referred.
  • The remote consultation was initiated at your request and with the doctor's agreement.
  • The doctor must have access to your patient record during the consultation.
Last edit: 13 March 2024