Coloured arrows at the Gasthuisberg campus make way for modern street plan

26 October 2023
Anyone coming to the UZ Leuven Gasthuisberg campus after Monday 30 October, will no longer be following the iconic coloured arrows. In its place you will find your way via clear and future-proof signage, based on streets and addresses.

© UZ Leuven

'Metro plan' for navigation on the campus

As of now, to reach their destination, patients and visitors follow a route like on a metro plan. The colour principle, which partly determines UZ Leuven's identiy, will remain the basis. Via a street, gate and level, if necessary followed by a letter, they will reach the correct destination. 

© UZ Leuven

In total seven coloured streets will connect all locations and departments on the campus. Every street has different gates. Instead of one classic hospital building with one entrance, the hospital will get two main entrances for easy access: entrance East and entrance West (toegang Oost en toegang West).

With the new signage system, UZ Leuven wants to lead everyone to every possible location in the hospital in a uniform and clear manner.
Operational director Wim Tambeur


The previous signage system dated back to 1982 and was based on one central reception hall from everyone left towards their destination. As a result of the expansion of the Health Sciences  Gasthuisberg campus visitors can arrive from all directions. Therefore a modern system was chosen, a system that not only grows with the expansion of the campus, but also allows you to arrive or leave at any location without losing your orientation: a complex project that entails a lot of change.

Operational director Wim Tambeur: “The new signage system is part of the future vision of the Health Sciences Gasthuisberg campus. The old system was no longer sufficient for the ever-expanding campus, which has become a real city over the course of the years. The hospital is a part of that, and becomes an urban district inside the city, as it were. With this new signage, UZ Leuven wants to lead everyone to every possible location in the hospital in a uniform and clear manner.”

Liesje Delauré, from the communications department, has worked on the project: “When we started the project some four years ago, we never expected it to be as extensive and challenging. Changing the signposts is only one aspect of the new system: the signage system has an impact on the operations of the entire hospital. It's been a hospital-wide project, with a core team working with different departments for years to make it happen. We're vey happy to finally launch the project, and are ready to assist anyone with questions.”

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