Annual report 2023

In this annual report, key figures, news items and images give you an idea of our activities and the main events that made 2023 special. 

We hope it will give you a good impression of the innovative medicine practised at UZ Leuven. But above all, we hope you will also recognise the kind-heartedness and warmth with which our staff provided the best care to our patients on a daily basis.

Main news

20 December 2023
A team of UZ Leuven doctors has recently replaced all abdominal organs in a toddler for the first time in Belgium: stomach, liver, pancreas as well as the small intestine were transplanted in one procedure. The young patient was successfully operated on and is doing well.
30 November 2023
A week ago, UZ Leuven signed the first Leuven Climate Contract: 10 pioneering guiding principles, more than 30 partners, 86 break-through projects met actual commitments and a financial strategy, brought together to accelerate Leuven's readiness for climate neutrality by 2030.
23 November 2023
The federal department of justice has recognised the UZ Leuven department of forensic medicine as the first forensic medical institute (FMI) of our country. The additional financial support and the recognition as a centre of expertise are a big leap forward for forensic medicine in Belgium.
26 October 2023
Anyone coming to the UZ Leuven Gasthuisberg campus after Monday 30 October, will no longer be following the iconic coloured arrows. In its place you will find your way via clear and future-proof signage, based on streets and addresses.
28 September 2023
A large comparative study confirms it is not a good idea to start IV feed too quickly to patients during their first week on intensive care. The need to adjust blood glucose levels with an insuline pump appears less big when patients did not receive IF feed early on.
1 September 2023
Good new for patients with Crohn's disease: the new, promising drug risankizumab is since recently being reimbursed. Another two drugs will come on the market soon: one for Crohn's disease and another for colitis ulcerosa, that other chronic inflammatory bowel disease.
26 May 2023
UZ Leuven is the first to radiate a patient's heart to help prevent life-threatening arrhythmias.
24 April 2023
For 7 days, Perth (Australia) was the decor of the 24th edition of the World Transplant Games (WTG), the biggest sporting event worldwide for transplant patients. Led by Transplantoux (TPX) Belgium, the 20-strong Belgian delegation also participated in the games, and successfully.
9 March 2023
Leuven researchers collaborated on a brand new gamma-secretase inhibitor for rare connective tissue tumours. "It is the first time that we were able to find a medicine against aggressive desmoid tumours with convincing clinical evidence."
2 February 2023
Every year the leading European Heart Journal selects the top 10 of best scienctific publications in cardiology of the past year. This year the top 10 includes two papers that UZ Leuven doctors collaborated on: prof. dr. Lucas Van Aelst and prof. dr. Christophe Vandenbriele.
24 January 2023
The Flemish government has given its approval for the regional care-strategic plan of the hospital netwerk Plexus, a collaboration between AZ Diest, Heilig Hart Leuven, RZ Tienen and UZ Leuven.
13 January 2023
The first gene therapy for hereditary retinal disease, voretigene neparvovec or Luxturna, has recently been approved for use. UZ Leuven doctors have treated a first patient with this new type of gene therapy. If diagnosed in time, Luxturna can prevent further progression of the disorder.
Last edit: 3 April 2024