Caring for your baby

How to best care for your baby - Which products to use - The clothing that newborns need.

The first hours

Your baby has endured a lot during the delivery. In the first few hours, care is limited to feeding your child with breast milk or infant formula, changing nappies and measuring the body temperature.

The baby generally remains in the room with the mother.

Learning how to take care of your baby

The midwife will ask you to immediately start caring for your baby and will do so as often as possible to ensure a smooth transition for caring for your baby at home.

Naturally, this will depend on your condition. If you have had a caesarean section, it will take a little longer before you are able to breastfeed your baby on your own. You can always approach the midwife with any doubts or questions you may have.

The midwife will demonstrate how to:

  • change your baby’s nappy
  • take your baby’s temperature care for your baby’s navel
  • wash your baby
  • give your baby vitamins

The midwife will also provide help and advice with feeding your baby.

Baby Book

When you are admitted to the maternity ward, the midwife will give you a baby Book. Each day, you can carefully note down all the important information, such as:

  • body weight
  • temperature
  • feeding times, stools, urine

Baby Corner

Each room has a baby corner that is specially equipped for the daily care of your newborn. Place the cot near the window, but out of the sun, to help prevent your newborn from becoming jaundiced.

Mother and baby, by law, are to stay together in the same room. Deviations are only allowed in the case of a specific or medical indication. The care of the baby takes place in the mother's room. You or your partner can always accompany your baby for an examination or blood draw outside of the room.

It is your responsibility never to leave your baby unattended in the room. Also, never hand over your baby to anyone who cannot identify themselves. If no one else is in the room while you are washing up or taking care of yourself in the bathroom, we recommend leaving the bathroom door open.

Care products

Care products, disposable nappies and a thermometer for your baby are all provided on the maternity ward and will be charged to your invoice.


You will use your own baby clothing during your hospital stay. Bring enough to change out the clothing as necessary.

Newborns require some time to adjust before they can maintain their own body temperature. That is why we regularly take their temperature, which typically varies between 36.5°C and 37.5°C. Babies primarily experience heat loss through their head. So, don’t forget to bring a newborn hat to the hospital. Socks are also useful.

Going home

Bring suitable clothing for your baby and have a safe and appropriate way to transport your child home.

Last edit: 25 August 2021