Fall prevention for babies

Tips to prevent your newborn baby from falling at the hospital or at home.

Transporting your baby

For your baby's safety, use the cot to transport your baby whenever you leave your room. If you do not yet feel confident, you can also use the cot when in your room.


All rooms on the maternity ward are equipped with a co-sleeper (a bedside cot). The co-sleeper can be safely moved next to your bed so that your baby can always sleep by your side.

Not in bed

Never have your baby in bed with you if you are going to sleep. This prevents cot death, and the risk of your baby falling out of the bed or that you might lie on top of your child.

Never leave your baby unattended while they are out of their cot.

Never leave your baby alone on the changing pad or in your bed.

Last edit: 13 August 2021