Fall prevention during the maternity period

After giving birth, you are at a greater risk of falling. Accidental falls can never be entirely prevented. But you can significantly reduce the risk of falling by following a few simple tips.

Getting out of bed

When you get out of bed for the first time after giving birth, you should be supported by your partner or a midwife. This assistance is necessary because you may become dizzy and fall.

After seeing to your care, the midwife will lower the bed as low as possible so that you can get in and out of bed safely.


Tell a midwife if you feel dizzy or unwell before standing up

Shoes or slippers

Do not walk around on bare feet or in socks in your room or on the ward.

You and your partner should always wear non-slip well-fitting shoes or slippers.

Slippery floors

Be extra careful with floors that are wet. The floor in your room may be slippery if it has just been cleaned or after showering.


After the delivery, use a wheelchair for the first few days whenever you visit your baby on another ward. A midwife or your partner will assist you with the wheelchair.

Last edit: 13 August 2021