Maternity period

Where will I stay after I have given birth? When can my baby and I go home? How do I take care of my baby? How do I begin breastfeeding? What about help at home? What do I have to do administratively?

Physical changes after childbirth

The maternity period starts with the birth and continues for approximately six weeks. After this period, most of the physical changes will have resolved and your body will revert to its pre-pregnancy state.

Psychological aspects of delivery

The combination of the sheer exertion of childbirth, the emotions involved with having a baby, the practical and psychological changes to your family life and your relationship—the initial period after childbirth is not always easy. A few tips for coping with your new situation.

Sexuality and contraception after childbirth

The birth of a baby is a major event. This may affect how you experience sexuality. Discuss the new situation with your partner and try to understand each other's feelings.

Fall prevention during the maternity period

After giving birth, you are at a greater risk of falling. Accidental falls can never be entirely prevented. But you can significantly reduce the risk of falling by following a few simple tips.

Administration after birth

Read more about registering the birth, signing up with a health insurer, hospitalisation insurance and applying for and receiving the Groeipakket (a package of financial benefits tailored to each child in each family).

Going home after childbirth

The discharge process when you and your baby leave the hospital. What to bring home with you. What should you pay extra attention to during the initial post-partum period? Which check-ups do you need to schedule?
Last edit: 23 January 2023