How do I latch my baby for breastfeeding?

Tips on the best way to latch your baby for breastfeeding.

For mum

  • Make sure that you are lying comfortably in bed or are sitting with good support.
  • Let your baby drink from both breasts, especially during the first few days, for as long as they would like.
  • Read the following guidelines step by step until you have mastered the technique.

For the baby

  • Lay baby's tummy against mother's.
  • Position the baby’s nose at the height of the nipple, so the head is slightly tilted backward.
  • Hold the breast and gently tap your baby's lips with the nipple. Wait patiently for your baby’s mouth to open by itself.
  • Bring the baby to your breast, not your breast to the baby.
  • The baby's chin should rest against the breast.
  • You can tell that the baby is sucking correctly if their chin, jaws and ears are all moving. The baby should not make smacking noises or have ‘sucked in’ cheeks.
  • The lips should curl outward.
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Last edit: 25 August 2021