Expressing breast milk

Expressing breast milk—manually or with an electric breast pump—may be a temporary solution if your baby is unable or not allowed to breastfeed and you still wish to provide breast milk.

Tips to successfully express breast milk

  • Get enough rest. Stress due to fatigue and tension will reduce the milk production.
  • Create a quiet environment for expressing. Request any visitors present to leave the room.
  • Have something to remind you of your baby while expressing. Placing one of your child’s cuddly toys or a photo of your baby nearby may help if they cannot be there.
  • Apply heat to your breasts just before you begin expressing. Warmth stimulates the milk secretion and is especially beneficial for engorgement (hard breasts).
  • Wearing a nursing bra is not strictly necessary, but it is practical. If you wear one, it should provide sufficient support but not pinch.
Last edit: 26 September 2023