Surgery checks

For each procedure, care providers go through a number of checks to ensure that you are undergoing the correct procedure. For example, during operations, a marking will be applied at the operating area site. Read more about this time-out procedure.

Marking of the skin

When you are undergoing a procedure and there is a chance for error (e.g. left or right), the physician will mark the operation site before the procedure. The physician will put an arrow on your skin with a marker. The marking is done in consultation with the physician and yourself. 

The marking is not harmful and will disappear after a couple of days when you wash with water and soap.

Asking questions

Before the procedure, care providers will ask you a number of questions to make sure it is the right procedure, at the right side and the right patient. If you have any questions at that time, feel free to ask them. 

Checklist: not forgetting anything

In addition, the care providers have a checklist (safe surgery) that checks a number of elements before the anaesthetic, before incision and after the procedure. 

Last edit: 24 January 2020