Pain is a complex concept and is experienced differently by each patient. UZ Leuven wants to make your stay in the hospital as pleasant as possible and is committed to preventing or remedying pain as much as possible. Are you in pain? Tell us about it.

Pain? Tell us about it.

As a patient or relative, you are the main source of information to report pain as early on as possible. tell us spontaneously if you or your relative is in pain, not only when we explicitly ask about it. It is important to give whoever is treating or caring for you all the information about your pain. 

Pain registration

Every ward registers pain daily. This gives a better insight in how patients experience pain and how we can coordinate their pain treatment as best as we can.  

Pain scale helps pain registration

There is no instrument to measure pain. Only you can tell us if you're in pain and how bad that pain is. Many people find it difficult to explain to others how much pain they're in. This is normal, no one but you can feel your pain. Giving a pain score can help you. 

Every day, a nurse will aks you to rate your pain (if any) on a scale of 0 to 10. The figure 0 means no pain at all, 10 is the worst pain imaginable. You can never give a wrong score. 

Last edit: 1 June 2023