Supplementary room charges and fees

Every patient will make a co-payment towards the cost of their accommodation. This is a fixed, personal daily charge that is determined by law, regardless of the type of room you are staying in. In addition, you will pay a daily supplementary room charge and supplementary fees if you opt to stay in a single room.

Supplementary room charge

If you choose to stay in a single room, you will be charged a supplementary room charge for every day you are hospitalised.

If you are assigned a single room for medical reasons or if you did not request a single room yourself, you will not need to pay the supplementary room charge.

Supplementary fees

Your attending physician will charge a supplementary fee on top of their basic fee. In principle, this supplementary fee will not exceed 150 percent of the basic fee. Make sure you discuss these fees with your attending doctor in advance.

Type of room Supplementary fee Supplementary room charge
Shared room No No
Single room Up to 150% € 75/day
Last edit: 22 February 2024