Inge De Wit, datamanager

Inge is data manager within the proton therapy centre. She takes care of the administrative follow-up of every patient treated at the centre, including putting the proton therapy application files in order, scheduling appointments, and registering treatment and follow-up data where necessary.

As data manager, Inge is involved in the process from the first step to the last. With such a complex trajectory as proton therapy, that's quite a few. "When registering a patient, I check whether the application file is in order. If it’s not, I contact the physician involved to get the necessary information. If the patient is accepted for proton therapy, I prepare the file for reimbursement. At the start of treatment, I then have other duties. In consultation with the team of medical radiation physicists, who are responsible for the radiation plans, I review which patient can start when and schedule those appointments through the secretariat. For children, I also book an introductory meeting with the paediatric oncology and social work departments. So there's a lot of collaboration here, but it runs smoothly (laughs) And finally, I make sure that the treatment reports after proton therapy end up in the right place and record data on treatment and patient follow-up where necessary."

"What I like about my job is that I am an indispensable link in the whole process, from the moment the patient is signed up for proton therapy to the end of their treatment. I currently see about three new files coming in every week, and every two weeks I submit a reimbursement file. With all those patients, I am administratively responsible for planning and data management."

Unique trajectories

Because PARTICLE is the only proton therapy centre in Belgium, a large number of patients are treated here, each according to their own trajectories. "With some patients everything goes by the book, with others we deviate. That’s natural - it is not at all easy to come here every day for six weeks straight. I like to put in the extra effort to make it as pleasant as possible for each patient. Bringing such a challenge to a successful conclusion gives me enormous satisfaction."

Last edit: 17 February 2023