Wat the staff have to say

Which healthcare providers and paramedics will you meet in the proton centre? What does their working day look like and what is so special about working in PARTICLE? They are happy to tell you themselves.
Dr Karen Van Beek is a radiotherapist-oncologist specialising in paediatric oncology. "I find it special to welcome and care for children from all over the country. The fact that we can pool all the expertise around radiotherapy for children's cancer here in Leuven is unique and a great advantage."
Anneleen is a medical radiation physicist specialising in the brain as well as the head and neck region. Behind the scenes, she and her colleagues make sure that the proton therapy machine works perfectly and delivers the right dose of radiation. In other words, hidden but important work.
Dr. Dario Di Perri is a radiotherapist-oncologist specialising in the treatment of patients with brain tumours and paediatric patients. He is a doctor at Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, a partner hospital of PARTICLE, and works in Leuven every Tuesday.
Inge is data manager within the proton therapy centre. She takes care of the administrative follow-up of every patient treated at the centre, including putting the proton therapy application files in order, scheduling appointments, and registering treatment and follow-up data where necessary.
As care coordinator for paediatric oncology, Thamara supervises young patients starting their treatment at PARTICLE. "As a patient, you are seen by so many different healthcare providers, in so many different locations, that it’s very convenient to have a contact person. We have the full picture."
Antoine Delor, medical radiation physicist at Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, can be found at PARTICLE one day a week. Those days he mainly focuses on quality control of the proton therapy machine, which is essential for the smooth running of treatments.
Loreen Raymaekers is a radiotherapist-technologist at PARTICLE. Together with her colleagues she carries out the radiation sessions, from receiving patients to operating the proton therapy machine.
Last edit: 23 April 2024