Referral procedure proton therapy for international patients

Application for proton therapy treatment at PARTICLE

  1. For whom?
    1. For patients with so-called standard indications for proton therapy in Belgium, an application for proton therapy can be submitted to PARTICLE. An overview of these indications and criteria can be found here.
    2. If you doubt whether an indication qualifies for proton therapy - even when it is not on the list of standard indications - you can always contact PARTICLE and/or complete the registration form.
  2. By whom? The radiotherapist-oncologist at the referring centre sends a request for proton therapy to PARTICLE.
  3. How? This can be done via the following online registration form, which is available in several languages. If there are any problems with the registration form, send an e-mail to PARTICLE will provide a secure link to deliver this info.
  4. Assesment?
    1. All applications for proton therapy are discussed weekly at the so-called Proton Round. This multidisciplinary consultation takes place every Monday afternoon at 13.30 (except on public holidays).
    2. Only if the registration form has been completed in full and all necessary information is available by noon on Friday will the patient be discussed at the next Proton Round.
    3. The referring radiotherapist-oncologist receives a Teams link for participation in the Proton Round and presents the case themselves. If applicable, the paediatric oncologist is also invited to participate in the discussion.
    4. In some cases, PARTICLE may request additional information before making a decision.


After the application to PARTICLE

In case of a positive decision the patient can be treated with proton therapy in PARTICLE, provided there is prior payment (guarantee) and a signed consent form.

Last edit: 12 May 2023