Referral procedure for proton therapy for international patients

Information for referrers about which international patients qualify for proton therapy, how to apply and how follow-up is organised during and after treatment.

This procedure applies to international patients. For Belgian patients there is a different procedure.

Who can refer?

Patients can directly register with us for a treatment with proton therapy. If you would like to know whether proton therapy could be an option for you, please discuss this first with your own radiation-oncologist.


  1. The radiation-oncologist of the referring centre sends an application for proton therapy to PARTICLE. This is possible via the online registration form which is available in various languages. If there are any problems with the registration form, it is also possible to send a mail to requesting to register a patient, without having to include confidential information in the mail. PARTICLE will send you a secure link to submit this information.
  2. All applications for proton therapy are discussed at the so-called proton round. This multidisciplinary meeting takes place every Monday afternoon at 13:30 hrs (except on public holidays). Only when a fully completed registration form with all necessary information, submitted at the very latest by Fridays 12 o’clock noon, is available the patient will be discussed at the next proton round. Ideally the referring radiation-oncologist will present the case.
  3. After the proton round the referring centre will be informed about the decision on treatment with proton therapy at PARTICLE. In case of a positive decision the patient will be allowed to start treatment with proton therapie at PARTICLE, provided there is prior payment (guarantee).
Last edit: 23 April 2021