Proton therapy centre: the building



Het gebouw werd gerealiseerd met een bouwteam formule, bestaande uit aannemer BAM Contractors, architecten dJGA, AR-TE, ingenieursbureau MACOBO-STABO en veiligheidscoördinator VEKMO.


The essence of the design of the building is to offer care-dependent patients this high-technological type of radiotherapy in a safe and high-quality manner.

The building is constructed in such a way that stress-inducing factors are taken away as much as possible. One of the key elements is to make optimal use of natural daylight. Admittedly, most of the new building will be underground but the terrace-shaped volume and a number of patios will ensure that daylight can be brought deep into the building.

In addition the necessary attention went to the amenity value, by providing sufficient spaciousness and openness, a clear lay-out and use of high-quality materials.

The experience within the building was not the only concenrn. The terraces with roof gardens also create an scenic added value.

Protoncentrum bovenaanzicht

This new-build also provides room for expanding the radiology department with regard to the installation of magnetic resonance (MR) scanners. Such a design will strongly boost joint operations of the two departments. From a common waiting area the patients will be escorted to the proton and/or MR centre. The induction area and the recovery rooms for anaesthesiology will also be used by both departments.

Evolution of the construction

The evolution of the construction of the proton centre in 3 minutes
Last edit: 24 May 2022