Ina Jochmans, prof. dr.

Transplant surgeon
Ina Jochmans


For reports, certificates, administrative and other questions

  • No medical advice will be given by e-mail. Please make an appointment if you want medical advice.

Works entirely under the convention

This physician will not charge supplemental fees for consultations. However, should you wish to have a single room when you are admitted, the physician can charge supplemental fees. The convention status will determine whether a physician is allowed to charge supplemental fees.

Specialised in

  • Abdominal transplantations
  • Organ retrieval
  • Organ preservation (a.o. machine perfusion)

About Ina Jochmans

  • Ina Jochmans graduated summa cum laude as a medical doctor at the KU Leuven. She trained to be a general and later an abdominal transplant surgeon in the University Hospitals Leuven. She is now a consultant abdominal transplant surgeon at the University H
  • She is consultant in the department of abdominal transplant surgery
  • She is also actively involved in preclinical and clinical research to improve the quality and use of organs for transplantation. Amongst others by improving preservation methods, e.g. ex situ machine perfusion.
Last edit: 18 October 2022