UZ Leuven one of the 50 best hospitals in the world

9 March 2022
Every year, the American magazine Newsweek publishes its list of the world's best hospitals: UZ Leuven comes in on place 45 as the first Belgian hospital.

For the fourth time running the American news magazine Newsweek has presented its annual ranking of the best hospitals in the world. In total more than 2,200 hospitals from 27 countries were compared with one another. Leading the list are three American hospitals, the first European hospital is the university Charité hospital from Berlin at place 5. 

UZ Leuven is on spot 45 as the first Belgian hospital, and can count itself among the 50 best hospitals in the world. UZ Gent (113) and the Brussels hospitals  Erasme (135) and UCL are also listed in the top 250. 

Quality of care

Every hospital on the Newsweek list was given a score by a council of independent experts, put together by the data platform Statista. Last year, more than 800,000 care providers (doctors, hospital managers, nurses …) received a request to participate in an online survey. In addition, the expert panel also took patient experiences into account and checked a number of criteria regarding the quality of treatment and the degree of hygiene. 

According to Newsweek, the number of excellent hospitals worldwide is increasing every year. It commends the world's leading hospitals for their quality of care and critical medical research, amidst the challenges of a pandemic. 

Last edit: 2 June 2023