UZ Leuven lights a candle for every hospital ward

18 November 2020

On Thursday 19 November UZ Leuven will light 68 big candles at the hospital entrance - one for each ward. A delegation of hospital staff from the wards will come out to light the candles, spread over half an hour's time. With this initiative, the UZ Leuven pastoral care department wishes to spread some light and hope in the difficult times the hospital is going through.

The number of COVID-19-patients admitted to the hospital remains high. The second wave of the pandemic put pressure on all hospital wards, that are now unable to do their work in the usual way, and on the patients that are not allowed visitors or have to wait longer for their procedures. To encourage everyone, the pastoral care department will organise a coronaproof version of their annual even 'light a candle' on Thursday 19 November.

Between 5 and 6 pm, staff from the various wards will light 68 big candles, one for each hospital ward. Passers-by will also be allowed to light small candles.

Last edit: 9 August 2022