Transplantoux celebrates its 15th anniversary

9 March 2023
Transplantoux celebrates its 15th anniversary with a special edition of the Transplantoux TIME TO MOVE symposium on 11 March. This association cycles up Mont Ventoux every two years with enthusiastic transplant patients and their closest and dearest.

The symposium marks 15 years of Transplantoux's existence. The programme includes lectures by medical and scientific experts and testimonials from patients. Three large clusters distribute the programme of this festive edition: nutrition, psychosocial aspects and exercise before and after transplantation. In addition, there is also room to look back on 15 years of Transplantoux and to pause at the future of the organisation.

A transplant patient's dream

Transplantoux was founded in 2008 when kindney transplant patient Lucien had the dream of climbing Mont Ventoux by bike. Professor Diethard Monbaliu promised to join him should he really climb the mountain. From this inspiring experience, a real project was born: every year this challenge is being organised for enthusiastic transplant patients and their closest and dearest. De naam Transplantoux comes from the amalgamation Transplantation + Ventoux. Transplantoux organises a wide range of low-threshold sports and socio-cultural activities for everyone directly or indirectly involved in organ transplantation.

Special edition

The TIME TO MOVE symposium promises to be a special edition. The symposium is organised annually, alternating with an international English or local Dutch focus. The international symposium focuses more on the research side, whereas the local symposium focuses more on the patients themselves. This year, it's the Dutch edition and focuses on the patients. The icing on the cake there will also be a sponsorship fair, that will give everyone the chance to get to know the sponsors and partners of vzw Transplantoux.

The symposium takes place on Saturday 11 March in Leuven.

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Last edit: 29 March 2023