Restriction on surgical procedures as a result of the second COVID-19 wave

7 December 2020
As of Friday 23 October surgical procedures that lead to an admission to an ICU or elsewhere in the hospital will be postponed if possible. Procedures and treatments in the outpatient clinic will continue as planned, as well as consultations.

Capacity for COVID-19 care

At the request of the government, UZ Leuven will be reserving a larger part of its ICU en admission capacity for COVID-19 patients. These are patients from our own region but also from other parts of the country because of our expertise or becauce the situation in the hospitals has become critical. 

Surgical procedures with admission

This means that we are forced to significantly restrict our surgical programme as of Friday 23 October 2020. Surgical procedures that lead to ICU admissions or elsewhere in the hopsital will be postponed if possible. As soon as the pandemic allows it, we will extend our surgery programme again. 

The hospital will let you know

When a procedure has to be postponed, the hospital will personally inform the patient.

Care for COVID-19 patients

UZ Leuven shows solidarity with other hopsitals and wants to provide an important contribution to the care for COVID-19 patients. We try to avoid the impact on the regular care as much as possible, Even though the unexpected quick evolution of the corona epidemic in our country forces us to take measures, we're doing everything we can to to avoid any impact on regular care as much as possible. 

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