European quality label for UZ Leuven obesity clinic

8 March 2022
The UZ Leuven obesity clinic has been awarded an accreditation from the European sector federation EASO. As a result of this recognition UZ Leuven will be part of a renowned expertise network for obesity.

EASO is the abbreviation for European Association for the Study of Obesity, an organisation that focuses on research into, and treatment of, obesity in Europe. The multidisciplinary obesity clinic at UZ Leuven, a collaboration between the departments of endocrinology and abdominal surgery, was able to land a three-yearly recognition as a Collaborating Centre for Obesity Management.

Customised treatment 

Every year UZ Leuven treats on average 1,200 patients with obesity. Obesity is a complex disorder and requires a tailor-made treatment for every patient. For that reason UZ Leuven opts for a multidisciplinary approach, with collaborations between dieticians, psychologists, physiotherapists, endocrinologists and surgeons. 

Sharing expertise

The importance of the EASO quality label cannot be underestimated, stresses prof. dr. Roman Vangoitsenhoven, endocrinologist. “This recognition is the crowning achievement for our daily efforts for patients with weight problems. The accreditation underscores the importance of a well-organised and high-quality approach to obesity. With this recognition, UZ Leuven joins an important European expertise network, making it easier to share the best insights and knowledge with like-minded centres. It will help us to better study and treat the underlying factors of a disorder such as obesity.”

Last edit: 9 August 2022