Corona test centrum moves to UZ Leuven and innercity

28 October 2021
The past year and a half residents of Oost-Brabant could go to the corona station at OH Leuven for a COVID test. That test centre will close its doors at the end of the week. Instead two existing test centres will open their doors more broadly: for people in the car at UZ Leuven and for the innercity at KU Leuven.

People who've had a high-risk contact, returning travellers that have to take a test, or people with symptoms… The past year and a half, thousands of people from Oost-Brabant have been for a corona test at the corona test station at OHL, organised by the GP association Khobra, with the support of the city of Leuven.  

“I want to thank all staff of the testing centre and GP association Khobra for their continuous effort the past months”, mayor Mohamed Ridouani says. “An easy and efficient way to get yourself tested has proven crucial during the pandemic. This is still the case today. With the two new locations our residents will be able to test just as easily the coming months.”

“We're very grateful to the city of Leuven for the good and easy cooperation. As a result we were able to set up a well-equipped testing centre that served the wide Leuven area”, says dr. Thierry Op de Beeck of the GP association Khobra. “We're also very confident about our collaboration with UZ and KU Leuven.”

New locations for corona testing

As of the 1st of November the testing centre will move to two new locations: at UZ Leuven and in the innercity. Testing is only possible by appointment and only when you have an activation code. You can make an appointment via The appointment system will allow you to choose the location. 

The test location organised by UZ Leuven is based on a 'drive-in' principle: you drive your car to the testing station where you are tested. You can only be tested when you come by car. 

Nancy Vansteenkiste, operational director at UZ Leuven: “The testing station at the Gasthuisberg campus has been around since 11 May 2020. The drive-in, where you're being tested in your car, was especially used for patients that had to be admitted to the hospital or had to undergo an aerosol-releasing procedure. UZ Leuven staff can also go there to be screened. In the near future, the testing statin will also be available for residents from Oost-Brabant wanting to get a test from their car. We like to help out with that, with the additional help of KU Leuven students and the medical coordination of the GPs.”

A second test location, for people on foot or on their bike, will be organised in the inner city by KU Leuven. Between 1 and 15 November residents can get a test in the Van Dalecollege in Naamsestraat. Until now, this test location was reserved for students. As of 1 November, also non-students can get a test. That location is easily accessible by bike or on foot.  

As of 15 November that test centre will move to the Pauscollege. This is also readily accessible by bike or foot. The entrance of the test centre is located at the inner courtyard behind the Pieter De Somer auditorium, accessible via Charles Deberiotstraat or Tiensestraat and Alfons Smetsplein. 

“Together we are stronger, we have proved that the past 19 months”, says rector Luc Sels. “The test- and trace centre we set up in October 2020 for students, has played an essential role in our fight with the coronavirus. We are happy to expand our facility for the Leuven population to support the test strategy of the city of Leuven. We want to express our sincerest thanks to the many colleagues and students that have kept the test centre running for many months already.” 

Last edit: 9 August 2022