100,000 euro for relief agencies Turkey and Syria

10 February 2023

Everyone at UZ Leuven is deeply affected by the human suffering caused by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. The local population suffers greatly from the devastation and harsh weather conditions. UZ Leuven has therefore donated 100,000 euro for humanitarian aid to the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders. The latter organisation also helps the people in Syria, who are not only facing this earthquake but also the tribulations of years of war. 

The hospital believes in centrally coordinated relief efforts by the government, and will contribute by sending people and resources to the areas affected. Despite the difficult situation of the hospitals, UZ Leuven wants to support the relief organisations financially, given the exceptional scale of the disaster.    

Prof. dr. Wim Robberecht, CEO at UZ Leuven: “At UZ Leuven we aim to break ground together. In this situation, solidarity is more important than ever, both with the relief workers that have rushed to the affected areas and the victims in both Turkey and Syria. They now urgently need all the additional support they can get.”

Last edit: 10 February 2023