Mother-friendly initiatives

We want the best care for mothers and mothers-to-be, which is why we have developed several mother-friendly initiatives.
  • Every pregnant woman may choose who will accompany her during labour and childbirth so that she feels both physically and psychologically supported at all times. This takes place in discussion with her gynaecologist and is recorded in her midwifery notes.
  • Every pregnant woman is allowed to drink as much as she wants during labour and have a light meal, unless there is a medical contraindication for this.
  • Every pregnant woman is encouraged to use non-medical pain relief during labour and childbirth, while still respecting the woman’s personal preference.
  • Every pregnant woman is encouraged to walk around and stay mobile during labour. She is encouraged to indicate the position in which she wishes to give birth, unless there is an urgent need to restrict this due to a complication. This will be made clear to the mother.
  • Invasive techniques such as artificial rupture of the membranes, accelerating or inducing labour or caesarean section will be avoided, unless they are specifically required due to a complication. If so, the reason will be made clear to the mother.
Last edit: 13 August 2021