Finding your way in the hospital

Since 30 October 2023, each location in the hospital has an address that consists of a street, a gate, a level, and possibly a sequence number.

Where to find your destination address?


You will find the name and address of the department where you have an appointment in your confirmation letter and in the mynexuzhealth app.


If you come to visit a hospitalised patient, they can let you know the name and address of the department.

Do you only have the name of the department but no address? No problem, you can find the correct address via: 

How to reach your destination?

  1. Go to the right street and follow the street signs.
  2. Follow the signposts to the gate of your destination.
  3. A gate gives access to a number of (medical) services. At the stairwell/elevator, you can get an overview of destinations per level. Go to the right level.
  4. Once you've arrived at the right level, follow the arrow to your destination.
  5. Each destination is indicated by a nameplate.
  6. When leaving your destination, follow the arrows to the exit.
    At the exit level, you return to the street. There there are signposts to the other streets, and to Toegang Oost and Toegang West.

Still finding it difficult to find your way to your destination? Then speak to a steward-volunteer, a staff member, or someone at the reception of Toegang Oost or Toegang West. They will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Last edit: 1 March 2024