Right to information

As a patient you are entitled to clear information about your condition and any intervention, examination or treatment that results from this. Is anything unclear? Ask for more information.

Ask your physician or care provider about the procedure and the how and why of your treatment or surgery. Also inform yourself on how to prepare (e.g. nil by mouth). Make sure to let us know if anything is unclear or if you have doubts about anything. If you have any more questions after the physician has been to see you, make sure you write them down so you can ask at the next visit.  

Let yourself be escorted 

Ask a relative to come with you if you are given information about your diagnosis, test results, your treatment plan or your discharge. This will prevent you from forgetting important issues. 

Tell us if you're uncertain or if you have doubts

Let us know if something seems different from what you expected or from what you were told. Tell the care provider how you feel. Ask him what you can and can't do, and stick to the agreements you made with the care provider regarding your treatment. Also if you notice any changes that seem strange (e.g. sudden blood loss from a wound), it's best to immediately discuss this with your care provider. 

Give your care provider all information about your condition, allergies if any and any medication you take. 

Last edit: 24 January 2020