All UZ Leuven employees wear a badge with their name and photograph. The colour of the badge indicates the type of job of that staff member.


Physicians and dentists

Light green

Care providers who have direct contact with patients, such as nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists etc.

Dark green

Care providers who support patient care, such as social workers, chaplains, lab technicians etc.


Administrative staff, such as those on the financial team, HR team etc.


General staff, such as technicians, cleaners, cooks etc.

UZ Leuven is a teaching hospital, which means the hospital actively contributes to training new care providers. As such, you might be examined, treated or cared for by physicians, nurses and paramedics in training. These trainees will always be supervised by a member of our permanent medical, nursing or paramedical staff responsible for your care.

Last edit: 24 January 2020