Residual human material and residual tissue

Any bodily material remaining after a diagnostic examination or procedure (residual tissue) may be used for academic research. This includes bodily materials such as human tissue and cells, embryos and foetuses.

All use of such materials must be approved by the UZ Leuven Ethics Committee first.

If you do not want any of your materials to be used in this way, you or your representative can object. You can discuss your objection with the physician responsible for removing your bodily material or with the UZ Leuven medical director.

Clinical studies

In certain situations, you may be asked to take part in a study. Clinical studies enable us to offer ever better medicines and treatments in future. You are free to decide whether or not to take part in any such studies. Any refusal to participate will of course have no effect whatsoever on the quality of your further care.


During a procedure, images may be taken that may be used for medical training and academic publications. We will always respect your privacy when using such images.

Last edit: 2 April 2024