3D core facility

The 3D core facility supports clinical practice and scientific research with 3D-visualisation and 3D-printing solutions. In addition to a central selection of software, medical departments can also request tailor-made solutions to specific problems.


The envisaged applications include training, 3D-based diagnosis, simulation of procedures or support during procedures with the use of 3D-visualisation and or printing. The focus is on using innovative technology that allows for more patient-specific treatment.  

Below you can find a number of examples of the actual uses in these domains.


To provide innovative solutions in UZ Leuven, we've set up multidisciplinary collaborations with various clinical departments where technical and clinical expertise are being combined.  
Furthermore, there is a collaboration with both KU Leuven and the UZ Leuven hospital network.  
And finally, we cooperate with various industrial partners that have access to the newest technologies or are willing to develop them. Together with our clinical partner these can be tested and validated.  


Last edit: 20 June 2022