Winter Symposium

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1 February - 28 February 2021 Finished

Due to the worldwide pandemic, we have chosen to go for a fully electronic “symposium” without any physical attendance. This is the first time in over 30 years that we have to go “virtual”!

Our online Winter Symposium will consist of 20 State of the Art Lectures (e-learnings) on various aspects of Anesthesia, that will be offered/released to our registered participants through an online platform. At an own chosen date and time, you can follow the different lectures. They will stay available during several months. Belgian accreditation will be granted per lecture. Only after following the lecture and answering the corresponding questions, you will be granted accreditation for that specific lecture.

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  • Program
  • Workshop "Life simulation scenarios outside the OR"
    A real live simulation of managing patient in a hospital setting outside the operating room
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