Visit the delivery room and maternity unit

2 September 2019

Participate in a virtual tour and discover where your baby will make its entry into the world. A restful and comfortable environment where you will receive the best possible care.

Not only will you find out what it looks like, you will also be given useful information on the way we operate.

Why not take a look now at

Beeld van zwangere vrouw in het bevallingskwartier

Join a virtual tour around the delivery room and maternity unit.



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Cancer during pregnancy has no serious impact on the child’s brain development

21 October 2020
UZ Leuven has set up a large-scale follow-up trial examining the influence of cancer during pregnancy on the brain development of children. Cancer and chemotherapy during a pregnancy hardly appeared to influence the child’s brain.
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Maintenance therapy for ovarian cancer also effective in other patient groups

23 December 2019
On 19 December, the New England Journal of Medicine, a leading medical publication, published two studies which Prof. dr. Ignace Vergote, head of gynaecology and obstetrics at UZ Leuven, participated in. This relates to 2 phase 3 clinical studies investigating the impact of an existing therapy advanced ovarian cancer.
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Less sedentary lifestyle during pregnancy results in lower fat percentage in the babies of obese mothers

14 March 2019
The European DALI trial has shown that when obese women adopt a less sedentary lifestyle during pregnancy, their babies have a lower fat percentage at birth. This demonstrates for the first time that there is a connection between lifestyle during the pregnancy and the baby's fat percentage.
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