UZ Leuven best Belgian hospital in top 20 in Europe according to Newsweek ranking

5 March 2024

For the sixth year in a row, the American magazine Newsweek and the data platform Statista drew up a list of the world's best hospitals: World’s Best Hospitals 2024. In it, UZ Leuven is the first Belgian hospital at position 44, followed by UZ Gent at position 107, UCL Louvain at 147 and Hôpital Erasme at 164.

UZ Leuven obtained a brilliant score of 93.17% .

Prof. dr. Wim Robberecht, CEO of UZ Leuven: “Rankings are always relative, en bij de gebruikte methodiek van Newsweek zijn belangrijke kanttekeningen te maken. That said we are extremely proud of this 44th position in the worldwide Newsweek ranking. In addition it confirms our position as one of the frontrunners in Europe. This result is a clear reflection of the dedication and excellent care of our employees that are breaking ground every day."

UZ Leuven is aware of the relativity of the methodology used. The comparison at European level is difficult because Belgium, unlike other countries, does not provide quality measurements or patient satisfaction data.

For Belgium the Google Star evaluations are used, which is methodologically less sound. Newsweek improves the methodology every year and UZ Leuven hopes that Belgian governments will progressively succeed in providing better data, so that our hospitals can be compared more objectively with our international colleagues.  

Last edit: 6 March 2024