UZ Leuven and KU Leuven set up mobile testing teams for COVID-19 tests

4 February 2021
At the request of the Flemish Agency for Care and Health the new mobile testing team for COVID-19 testing came into action for the first time on 1 February 2021. The first request was from a primary school in Galmaarden, where 150 students needed testing.

Een medewerker van UZ Leuven neemt een COVID-test af in de screeningsstraat van het ziekenhuis. 

Testing on request

The mobile testing team is a collaboration between UZ Leuven and KU Leuven and consists of a UZ Leuven coordinator and KU Leuven medical students. “At the request of various organisations, such as schools, care home or other organisations, they will come in to take COVID-19 tests in case of outbreaks. The teams only work on request and always in consultation with the medical experts within the first line area”, says Dimitri De Fré, UZ Leuven emergency plan coordinator.

Commitment medical students 

The past year, the KU Leuven medical students have repeatedly taken on strongly supporting roles in this pandemic. “They have helped relieve the pressure on care staff”, according to professor Paul Herijgers, dean of the Faculty of Medicine. “Their commitment to this project is a nice example of their social dedication, and is in fact a valuable addition to their clinical experience. The experience they gained in the testing centre on the Gasthuisberg campus and the test centre is now being expanded by testing younger age groups in schools.”

First request

The first request came from a primary school in Galmaarden. 150 students and roundabout 20 teachers were tested. The tests did not take place in the school itself but in a hall provided by the municipality. On Wednesday 3 February the team went out for a second time - this time to a primary school in Relegem for a total of 210 tests. 

Last edit: 9 August 2022