Rapid increase number of Covid-19 patients at UZ Leuven

23 November 2021
The figures of the amount of Covid patients at UZ Leuven are really heading the wrong way. Today there are 103 patients at UZ Leuven, 30 of which on intensive care wards. By way of comparison: no more than a month ago, there were only 22 patients, 8 of which on intensive care.

Below you'll find some comparative figures from previous waves. With the current figures, the spike of the third wave (91 patients on 19 April 2021) has been officially exceeded. We've seen a similar figure on 28 October 2020, with 101 patients. We reached the highest number of coronavirus patients at UZ Leuven on 5 November 2020 with 169 patients, 60 of which in intensive care wards. 

Postpone care 

Covid patients take up hospital beds that would also be filled in normal times. This means that, irrevocably, we need to postpone important care for other patients at UZ Leuven. What's more, we need more care providers for a Covid patient than for a classic hospitalisation bed: for example, 1 non-intensive Covid care bed requires as many staff as 1.65 beds under normal circumstances. In addition, more care workers are now at home ill or are suffering more mentally. As a result, the hospital has to close down even more beds.  

The only way to stop this rapid increase in Covid admissions is to reduce the number of coronavirus infections. Wear face masks, keep your distance, limit the number of contacts. And have yourself vaccinated. 

  • Today

         23-11-2021: 103 patients, 30 of which on intensive care wards

  • No more than a month ago

          22-10-2021: 22 patients (8 on intensive care)

  • Spike 3rd wave spring April

          19-4-2021: 91 patients (33 intensive care)

  • Comparative figure

           28-10-2020: 101 patients (35 intensive care)

  • Highest spike at UZ Leuven

          5-11-2020: 169 patients (60 intensive care)

Last edit: 24 November 2021