The Plexus hospitals support care homes during the coronacrisis

9 April 2020
The hospitals AZ Diest, RZ Tienen, Heilig Hart Leuven and UZ Leuven, brought together in the hospital network Plexus, are working closely together for the approach and organisation of COVID-19 care. There is also a good collaboration with the care partners from the first line.

Share solutions and knowledge

The needs and questions from the care homes have been identified and in the various hospitals discussions are ongoing to start with supporting initiatives. This will obviously be organised without jeopardising the conintuity of care in the hospitals. Bearing the questions that care homes have in mind, hospitals are looking into how they can provide actual help. Between the hospitals involved, solutions and knowledge are shared as much as possible.


Heilig Hart Leuven and UZ Leuven safeguard the first line areas of Leuven, Leuven-Noord, Leuven-Zuid and the Druivenstreek. RZ Tienen looks after the first line area of Hageland. AZ Diest looks after the the first line area Demerland and also part of the first line areas Zuiderkempen, West-Limburg and Mid-Westlimburg.

Plexus hospital network

Together the hospitals RZ Heilig Hart Leuven, RZ Heilig Hart Tienen, AZ Diest and UZ Leuven have formed the locoregional network Plexus. Plexus is a medical term for the network of nerves or arteries. The name symbolises the hub of quality care that the hospital networks strives to be as well as the collaboration where all four hospitals have their own unique place.

Last edit: 26 March 2021