Pioneer accessible healthcare passed away

22 November 2021
On Saturday 20 November 2021 prof. dr. Jan Peers (82) passed away in Leuven. He was one the country's pioneers of our current healthcare system.
prof. dr. Jan Peers

Not only was professor Peers the managing director of what we now call UZ Leuven for nearly 20 years, but was also an adviser to various Social Affairs ministers and the ministery of Public Health. 

Between 1972 and 1982 prof. dr. Jan Peers was a member of the Bureau of the National Hospital Council and until 2003 he was chairman of the National Council for Hospital Provisions, cooperating on recognition and financing of the hospitals. For thirty years he was a member and also chairman of the Technical Medical Council within the NIHDI. Commissioned but the federal government, in 1998 professor Peers put together a report on healthcare sticking points and policy options in Belgium. In addition he was also the founding chairman of the social profit's employers' umbrella organisation (Unisoc) in the country.  

Gasthuisberg inspirer

In the early seventies he put down the basis for what is now the country's largest university hospital in a visionary way. He increased hospital capacity by acquisitions, fusions and collaboration agreements, enabling UZ Leuven to follow the rapidly-growing developments in medical science. Professor Peers was the driving force behind the concept, the development and further expansion of the Gasthuisberg campus.  

His biggest merit can be found in the democratisation of the healthcare system. Professor Peers paved the way for the development of top quality medicine and university healthcare that is accessible to all. His focus on multidisciplinary care for patients and collaborations amongst healthcare workers changed the face of healthcare in our country. 

Prof. dr. Wim Robberecht, UZ Leuven CEO: “A lot of people will remember professor Peers for his exceptional contribution to the country's hospitals and healthcare system.  At UZ Leuven we will remember him fondly for his patient-driven vision, his inspiring leadership and his extraordinary commitment to the development and expansion of our hospital.”

The UZ Leuven board and management offer prof. Peers' family their sincerest condolances.

Last edit: 24 February 2022