Badge, key and login for nursing, midwifery and medical imaging technologist trainees

Your studentcard will become a badge/key, this is activated remotely in advance. On your first day someone will accompany you to check practical arrangements such as your entrances by studentcard.

Badge and key

During your internship, you will wear a badge and (sometimes) have a key for a locker in one of the changing rooms.

Your activated badge has several functions:

  • Identification: always wear your badge in a visible place.
  • Opening doors
  • Means of payment: you eat at staff rate in the staff cafeteria De Serre during your internship

Login for computer

You will receive your user name and a temporary password via e-mail. This gives you access to UZ Leuven's computer systems. Change the temporary password immediately the first time you log in.

Read more about setting up your access and login.

Personal login

Always work with your own account. You are not allowed to work under the login of your accompanying nurse.

Last edit: 23 February 2024