The International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes

We observe the international code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes. Among other things, we do not promote infant formula or provide free samples of it.
  • UZ Leuven may not accept free samples of/or substitutes for breast milk at reduced prices.
  • Breast milk substitutes are to be purchased in the same way as other foods and medications, at least at the current wholesale prices. No promotional materials of any kind for infant nutritional products or drinks are allowed within health care departments.
  • Pregnant women must not receive any form of promotional materials about infant formula.
  • Demonstrations of the use of infant formula can only be provided by nursing personnel, and only to pregnant and postpartum mothers and their family members for whom this is necessary.
  • Breast milk substitutes are to be stored out of sight of mothers within the health care departments.
  • UZ Leuven must not allow the distribution of gift boxes containing information about breast milk substitutes, teats, dummies or bottles with a teat to pregnant women or mothers. And this rule applies to every product that may negatively influence breastfeeding.
  • Financial or material support of any kind that involves promotion of the products referred to by the code must be avoided at all times by care professionals and their family
  • Producers and distributors of products referred to by the code must declare every contribution of any kind that is made to UZ Leuven. These include: study grants, study trips, research funding, conferences or similar benefits. All UZ Leuven staff members who have received such support must disclose it.
Last edit: 13 August 2021